b'Basic Food Safety CourseTable of ContentsIntroduction 3Part 1: What are foodborne illnesses? 5Who do I talk to with questions? 5 Who is most at risk of illness? .6Which foods are most likely to cause illness? .7, 12How can I spot physical hazards in food? 8-9 How do I avoid chemical contamination? .9-10How do I avoid biological contamination? 11Part 2: What are the 3 best ways to keep food safe? .14#1 How does personal hygiene affect food? .15-21#2 How does temperature control keep food safe .22-29#3 How does preventing cross-contamination keep food safe? . 30-36Top 10 Workplace-specific situations and guidelines 37Rules to remember .38-39Glossary 40-41Practice Test 42-43Index .44-462 eFoodHhaannddlleerrssccoomm2'