b'Special Reminders for Food WorkersSpecial RemindersSPECIAL DUTIES FOR WAITSTAFFAny time you handle a ready-to-eat food, you need to either wear gloves or use utensils. Never touch food with your bare hands, even if you are just performing a quick task like buttering toast.If customers ask you about how food was prepared, give them the most complete and accurate infor-mation you can to help them avoid coming into contact with potential allergens.Check the holding temperatures on buffets and salad bars to make sure the food is not in the Danger Zone.SPECIAL DUTIES FOR CHILDCARE PROVIDERSBefore they eat, children should follow the same handwashing steps as food workers. Toys and other surfaces in a child care facility require washing, rinsing and sanitizing, just like kitchen equipment.If youre serving foods family-style, from a central serving dish onto individual plates, make sure the utensils are easy for childrens small fingers to handle. Have clean utensils ready to replace tools that are dropped, licked, or otherwise contaminated.If a child requires refrigerated medication, make sure that the bottle is clearly labeled and kept in a water-tight container.SPECIAL DUTIES FOR BUSSERSDont use the same work area for dirty dishes as you do for food preparation; keep dirty dishes from contaminating food-contact surfaces and ready-to-eat food.Hand washing is required after you finish clearing tables.SPECIAL DUTIES FOR DISH WASHERSStart with a clean surface; make sure you wash your hands and wash the sink before you begin cleaning dishes.Washing water needs to be changed when it becomes contaminated with food and grease. Use test strips to monitor the sanitizer solution throughout the dishwashing process. Make sure youve been trained on proper use and monitoring of equipment if youre using a mechanical dishwasher.Dont use any chemicals for cleaning unless the bottles are clearly labeled; follow all label instructions.SPECIAL DUTIES FOR BARTENDERSBartenders must avoid bare hand contact with all food, even garnishes or fresh fruit thats squeezed into a drink. Wear gloves and prep garnishes ahead of time to ease the preparation process.Use an ice scoop for iced drinks. SPECIAL DUTIES FOR GROCERY CLERKSPay attention to how you bag the groceries to avoid cross-contamination. Never put raw meat in the same bag as other kinds of groceries.Since you will probably be touching unwrapped produce and other food items, wash your hands fre-quently during your shift. Clean up meat spills with a proper sanitizer thats approved for use around food.If a customer leaves behind a potentially hazardous item, return it to the temperature-controlled loca-tion immediately. If it cant be returned immediately or youre not sure how long its been sitting in the Danger Zone, discard it. 38 eFoodHhaannddlleerrssccoomm38'