b'Basic Food Unit CourseWhat Youll LearnThere are two sections to this food safety guidebook. The first section provides background information on the causes of foodborne illnesses.The second section outlines the steps you can take to prevent foodborne illnesses.As youre reading this guidebook, you can ask yourself the following questions to ensure youre gather-ing the key information you need to do a good job in the food service industry.What are the causes of foodborne illness?Why are clean hands so crucial?What should I do when Im sick?Whats the Danger Zone for foodborne illness?What are the most important food safety basics?What are my responsibilities when Im at work?Food safety isnt just for restaurants and retailers! You can apply what you learn in this guidebook to help protect yourself, your friends, and your family both at work and at home. Educating yourself and others about food safety benefits our entire community. Any time you have questions, call your local health department. Theyre here to serve the community and keep our food safe.4 e4 eFFooooddhHaannddlleerrssccoomm'