b'What are the Top 3 Food Safety Defenses?Keeping Cold Foods ColdCOOLING METHOD 2: SIZE REDUCTION If you have a large piece of meat that needs to be cooled, you can reach proper temperature more quickly if you chop it up into smaller pieces. A large roast, a whole roasted turkey, or a ham may work well with this method.Wearing gloves, cut the meat into pieces no more than 4 inches thick.Spread the cut pieces out onto a tray. Dont stack them or let them touch.Put the uncovered pans on the top shelf of the refrigera-tor, making sure nothing is able to drip down and contami-nate them.To ensure cool air reaches all the meat, dont cover the pans or stack anything on them.Cover the pans once the proper temperature of 41 F is reached.288 eFoodHhaannddlleerrssccoomm2'