b'What are the Top 3 Food Safety Defenses?Washing Dishes by HandAnytime you are serving food to the public, you must ensure that all serving dishes, cooking pots and utensils, and food con-tact surfaces have been washed, rinsed and sanitized between each use.You can wash dishes in one of two ways: by hand in a three-compartment sink, or with a commercial dishwashing machine.Make sure the sink has beenRemove any food fragments from cleaned and sanitized. the plates youll be washingFill the first sink with hot, soapy water. Wash dishes in the first sink.Fill the second sink with clean, hot water. Rinse dishes in the second sinkFill the third sink with warm water and a sanitizer thats approved for use with food. Sanitize dishes by soaking in the third sink with warm water and an approved sanitizer.Food service establishments are not allowed to hand-dry their dishes. Cloth dish towels that are re-used can easily transfer bacteria from one surface to another, and any time they are left damp they can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Instead, food service establishments must air-dry their dishes.322 eFoodhHaannddlleerrssccoomm3'