b'What is Foodborne Illness?What Are Food Hazards? A food hazard is anything in someones food or drink that can cause illness or injury. Food hazards can be divided into three categories: biological, chemical, or physical. With the exception of physical hazards, these hazards are often things that you cant see, smell or taste. Heres a guide to identifying and pre-venting contamination with food hazards:Hazard Type Examples It HappensPhysicalA physical hazard is anyA woman in Atlanta, object in a food, hard orGa., found a nose soft, that can cause injury.ring in her daughters These are usually itemsbreakfast burrito that inadvertently fall intowhile eating at a fast food during preparation.food restaurant.Common examples include adhesive bandages, jewelry, fingernails, bits of broken glass, and staples.ChemicalChemical hazards are toxicA food market in substances that either occurTexas had to be shut naturally or are spread todown after health the food during preparation.inspectors found an Common chemical hazardsopen container of a include cleaning supplies orcommercial-grade pesticides. pesticide in the same location as food that was to be sold to customers. BiologicalBiological hazards are mi- Three people croscopic germs, invisible tocontracted E.coli after the naked eye, such as para- eating at a Seattle sites, bacteria, and viruses. restaurant where a health inspection found that hand washing facilities werent working and proper hand washing procedures werent being followed.8 eFoodHhaannddlleerrssccoomm8'