b'Basic Food Safety Course Practice ExamPractice Exam6. Why does preparing food several hours in advance make it unsafe to eat?a. Because food can grow bacteria when its left in the Danger Zone for more than fourhours.b. Because it wont taste as good as freshly-prepared food.c. Because vitamins and minerals are lost during cooking, and it wont have the samenutritional value.d. Because too much prepared food takes up refrigerator space that you need for coldholding.7. Washing, rinsing, and sanitizing cutting boards is a safety requirement in all public kitchensbecause:a. Flavors can linger on the surface of the board and harm the taste of the next food thatis prepared on the surface.b. Commercial-grade cutting boards are expensive, and proper care will help them lastlonger.c. This method prevents cross-contamination.d. Frequently-chopped foods like garlic and onions are potent and their juices can irritatethe eyes of food service workers.8. Whenusing a steam table for serving buffet items, what temperature should hot food reach?a. 140 Fb. 165 Fc. 120 Fd. 125 F9. When placing foods on ice in the salad bar, how cold should the items be?a. 45 Fb. 70 Fc. 41 Fd. 0FCheck your answers on the final page of this guidebook.Answersareonpage47eFoodHhandlers.com 4 343'